Electricians in Telford

Reasons to Contact Professional Electricians

Owning commercial property comes with a wealth of responsibilities. It is up to the commercial property owner, for example, to ensure that the heating and cooling systems in their properties function properly so that everybody therein is comfortable throughout the year. The successful operation of the electrical system in any such property is also integral, and the failure to ensure the proper operation of an electrical system can not only drive up energy costs and result in serious inconvenience: it can also lead to unsafe situations. That is why you must hire a commercial electricians in Telford, Shrewsbury and surrounding areas for any commercial electrical services that you may need completed. If you encounter any such service needs, PP Electrical Services is here to guarantee that any necessary work is done right.

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Electrical installation

PP Electrical have successfully completed the high level electrical installation of the SW1 Signs at Southwater.

electricians in telford


Security Gate installation Telford

PP Electrical Services doing what they do best with the installation of a new  Security Gate at the Priory School Telford.



Christmas lights at Southwater Telford town Centre

PP Electrical Services successfully coordinate and switch on the Christmas lights at Southwater Telford town Centre



Installing Xmas lights

Image of our specialist services installation of the St George’s and priorslee Christmas lights.

PP Electrical Services Telford Shropshire Xmas lights