We offer Three different types of Street lighting: – Lamp-posts, Floodlighting and Bollards.

The type of lighting you require will depend on the application of the area and/or the lighting levels required. From residential to industrial your needs of lighting can be meet. We can offer a full Distribution of Electrical installation and all Civil/Building Works required to Complete Installation.

Industrial Lighting can be anything from Security Lighting to Show lighting of a Sign or Building. Also for Carpark lighting you could have Lamp-posts or Bollards to allowed 24-Hour use, this can be switched may ways.

Residential Lighting can be for Security Lighting on you property to Bollards down you Driveway to allowed access during Evening. You could also have lighting on a Gate or Fence/Brick Wall.

Types of Switching that can be achieved:-

Photocell: – they will operate when Lighting levels Drop (Dawn till Dusk)

Time clock: – you can Control when you require the lighting to be on and off etc. you can turn them off when not needed or when car-park is closed.

PIR: – they will only turn on when they pick up movement, these are more used for Out Of Hours Security Lighting.

Examples of Lighting:

Examples of Lighting Brands:


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