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Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services Telford & Shrewsbury.

You know that proper lighting is essential for running a business, whether an office space, retail venue, or restaurant. You may not realize how crucial it is—until you encounter malfunctioning lights or you decide on a new lighting design to save energy and increase productivity.

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Home/workplace Security from PP Electrical Services

Home/workplace Security Options from PP Electrical Services.

When you’re getting ready for bed or leaving your workplace, do you worry about the security?

Would you like to be able to better control the security of your home or workplace for when you go away on business or vacation? Feeling secure while you’re in your own home or workplace is important for most people. For many, the home or workplace is a sanctuary, a resting spot or a place of business. You want to make sure that your home or workplace security system is in good working order at all times so that you can be confident and at ease when under your roof.

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Electricians in Telford

Outdoor Lighting Services in Telford & Shrewsbury

Outdoor Lighting Services

Whether you want to spruce up your backyard with landscape lighting or you want to add some much–needed security to your driveway with a few motion–sensor flood lights, then you’ve come to the right place.
Here at PP Electrical Services, we are a leading provider of outdoor lighting services throughout Telford & Shrewsbury, specializing in all aspects of installation, replacement, repair and maintenance for a wide range of different lighting fixtures and equipment.
Illuminating your property and the exterior of your home has a number of important benefits that every homeowner should consider, no matter what the size of their home may be.

As a leading servicer of outdoor lighting in Telford & Shrewsbury, we want nothing less than your complete comfort and convenience.
It’s critical that you hire a professionally trained and experienced electrician to take care of your outdoor lighting installation or an immediate repair, as the case may be.
We are always ready to complete the job with fully equipped vans. Let us help you make your home a bit more convenient with outdoor lighting.

PP Electrical Services provides outdoor lighting services in Telford, Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas.