Electricians in Telford

Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services Telford & Shrewsbury.

You know that proper lighting is essential for running a business, whether an office space, retail venue, or restaurant. You may not realize how crucial it is—until you encounter malfunctioning lights or you decide on a new lighting design to save energy and increase productivity.

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cctv installation telford

Home/workplace Security from PP Electrical Services

Home/workplace Security Options from PP Electrical Services.

When you’re getting ready for bed or leaving your workplace, do you worry about the security?

Would you like to be able to better control the security of your home or workplace for when you go away on business or vacation? Feeling secure while you’re in your own home or workplace is important for most people. For many, the home or workplace is a sanctuary, a resting spot or a place of business. You want to make sure that your home or workplace security system is in good working order at all times so that you can be confident and at ease when under your roof.

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