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Warehouse Lighting Installation Telford

Upgrading traditional warehouse lighting with LED light fixtures is a straightforward process in which to significantly reduce your energy consumption. Commercial and industrial storage area lighting projects have few differences between them.

The key is to reduce the energy usage of the lighting as much as possible, while achieving max levels of lighting. Intelligent lighting controls are a really good option for racking environments, including cold store factory’s.

Industry Experience From Electricians in Telford

As a company, our aim is to assist customers or existing clients with any project enquiry they may have, and we always operate with the best interests of our customer’s needs. PP Electricals combines experienced staff & all the latest updated equipment to tackle and project to ensure a quality service.

We offer the most competitive prices in Telford, personal customer service, project management throughout the duration of your project/service and comprehensive after sales support team.

Advantages of LED Lighting

  • Switch or sensor operated controls – ideal for extensive areas, that aren’t in constant use
  • Low heat generation – can be used with sensitive products
  • Reduced energy use – will pay you back in 12 months
  • Low heat generation – can be used with sensitive products
  • Easy to install – minimal disruption caused
  • Long lasting – reduced maintenance & running costs
  • Fully sealed – insect and dust proof
  • Excellent working light – comfortable for production line operatives
  • Targeted & direct light – no need to pay for areas that you don’t need lighting
  • Reduced carbon footprint – reduced energy use by up to 80%

Electricians in Telford warehouse lighting products are specifically designed to focus light down into the aisles or walkways between racking areas. Supplied with the right information, PP Electricals’ team can complete lighting designs to ensure the right LED warehouse lights are specified.

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