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Periodic Inspection Report Telford

Like all electrics, your electrical appliances and wiring will become progressively worse over time. This can be down to regular use or just old age. At PP Electrical, we can visit your property in Telford and surroundings areas and complete a Periodic Inspection Report to check all of your appliances and wiring to make sure that they are not damaged or faulty.

A Periodic Inspection Report will be performed to check the state of the appliance and wires in your home or workplace. This is in order to identify any faults or potential problems that you may have, and then inform you of the next step in fixing these problems. A Periodic Inspection Report is almost like an MOT for the electrical appliances in your home or workplace!

Once the inspection is completed, you will be handed the Periodic Inspection Report advising you of what electrical problems you have – if any – and what the best course of action is to rectify this issue.

Electrical Installations Telford

Our registered electricians at PP Electricals can install, extend and adapt all parts of your electrical systems, including circuit breakers, circuit boards, earthing ports, bonding within consumer units, fuse boards, structured cabling and transformers. We carry out installations and replacements of new light fittings and switches. We are able to design and install new lighting systems in both domestic and commercial premises.

Once one of our electricians has completed works, they will issue you with an electrical installations certificate to confirm the work complies with the wiring requirements of British Standard BS 7671.

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