LED Lighting Telford

LED Lighting Telford

We Install Energy Efficient LED Lighting In Warehouses, Factories, Commercial Buildings, School & Colleges In Telford

Our team is trained in the latest lighting installation techniques to ensure that the lighting system we fit in each sector is the most energy efficient, durable and provides maximum cost savings.

PP Electrical invest time in analysing the right lighting system for each sector and offer a onsite survey, where one of our experts will assess and outline the best tailored lighting system for each of our clients.

Commercial LED Lighting

PP Electrical have LED lighting solutions for every commercial property needs. From new builds to refurbishments and even LED replacement installs.

From start to finish we will handle the entire process whilst ensuring better energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Industrial LED Lighting

We understand that good lighting is important to the operation of most industrial facilities but also one of the most costly.

Industrial LED Lighting will start saving you money from the very start but with our intelligent lighting systems, you can save even more energy by having your LED Lights adjust according to the ambient daylight levels within the building.

School & College LED Lighting

LED lighting solutions for schools and colleges are ideal for customer with budgets, as you can avoid the initial outlay and gather the benefits straight away.

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting for schools and colleges also sets an example by making use of the technology that students learn about each day; being the change they would ideally want to see.

Contact Electricians in Telford today with any questions about your LED Lighting, we offer our services to clients based in Telford, Shrewsbury & surrounding areas.