3 Benefit tips of LED Lighting

These days, more and more homeowners & businesses are looking for ways in which to make their property’s more energy efficient. Sometimes, we are under the false impression that major overhauls or the installation of a whole solar energy system are necessary in order to make their property’s more environmentally friendly and efficient. In truth, though, there are many ways in which to accomplish this goal that are far simpler than such actions. Consider, for instance, the following benefits of using LED lights throughout your property. With the replacement of a few light bulbs, you can start on your way towards greater efficiency in your home or business. If you are interested in using LED lighting in Telford, Shrewsbury, just give us a call. The electricians at PP Electrical Services. are always here to help.

Greater Efficiency

LED, or light -emitting diode, bulbs are far more energy efficient than incandescent and even CFL bulbs. In fact, whereas the efficacy (in lumens per watt) of CFLs stands around 50-70, that of LEDs is in the 60-90 range. If you think that’s impressive, just consider the fact that incandescent bulbs are only in the 10-17 lumens per watt range! Clearly, using that much electricity is going to add up when compared to that used by LEDs.

Longer Lifespan

Have you ever noticed how light bulbs always seem to burn out when you don’t have any reserves ones left? Well, there is no such thing as a light bulb that will last a lifetime. However, LEDs do boast an incredibly long lifespan, offering up at least 30,000 hours of use in most cases. CFLs will only get you around 10,000 hours, with incandescent topping out at a measly 750-1,000 hours. Save your money and time spent running to the DIY store – opt for LEDs for a longer lighting lifespan.

Bonus Features

If outstanding energy efficiency and remarkably long lifespans are not enough to sell you on LED lighting, consider too the fact that LEDs are dimmable, and that they don’t heat up the way that other bulbs do. Ultimately, the way in which you illuminate your property is entirely up to you. Just keep these benefits in mind when deciding if paying for LED lights is the right option for your property.

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