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Whether it’s budget, location, ease of use or positioning; with so many options available in a packed market, buying and installing your own CCTV system has never been so simple. And that’s a concern says Paul at PP Electricals Telford & Shrewsbury.

Surveillance and vigilance are on the agenda more than ever before. It’s no coincidence then that anyone can buy a complete CCTV kit from 101 retailers and install it that day. Job done, right?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential installation, too many of us underestimate the importance of CCTV maintenance. Here’s just a few reasons why aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought…


It’s obvious…things go wrong, so prevention is the best policy. CCTV cameras, especially exterior systems, are prone to wear and tear and when things go wrong, your home or business security is compromised. With our packages includes regular maintenance visits from our professional engineers who catch problems before they occur and check your equipment meets current standards.

TLC for CCTV Telford

Aftercare or maintenance is not there for just repairs. Professional engineers will test your equipment and inspect all components and connections to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. And aftercare services don’t stop there! Engineers will test your DVR’s or recording and control equipment and make sure the footage you capture is safely recorded.

Support when you need it

You might never need it but it’s good to know it’s there. Sometimes an engineer visit isn’t required and problems can be fixed over the phone. Our packages give you access to expert customer support, so any problems can be resolved quickly.

Benefits for existing systems too!

Our Engineers will look at your CCTV system and make the same checks for future glitches and efficiency. They can also make suggestions if any component of your system needs to be updated.

Maintenance for your CCTV system isn’t just about peace of mind. For many commercial enterprises CCTV problems, can have a big effect on insurance claims in the event of a break in too. There are a huge variety of packages available, all offering similar or slightly different services. Whatever you choose, ongoing CCTV Telford maintenance is vital to make sure your property or business is protected now and in the future.

Don’t hesitate to contact CCTV installation Telford today for expert home or workplace CCTV installation services.

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